1911 Barrel Bushing BSTS

1911 Barrel Bushing BSTS


1911 Barrel Bushing

Mirror Polished

Bright Stainless

Full Size 1911

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Colt 1911 Barrel Bushing high polished to a brilliant mirror like luster.  Bright Stainless is so much better than a nickel or chrome finish as it is a finish not a coating, most scratches can be buffed out instead of having to re-plate the piece.  This finish will never wear off.  These bushings will fit most standard sized government model 1911s.  Brand and caliber are not a factor as it is a universal fit in most cases.  This is a very easy part to install and can be installed with little to no gunsmithing knowledge or ability.  Estimated installation time is 1-3 minutes.

The 1911 Barrel Bushing provides the clearance needed for the barrel to tilt back as the firearm recoils.  The barrel is grabbed at the center of the bushing which stabilizes the gun and helps to provide a rock solid foundation for firing with accuracy and rechambering the next round.


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