About Us

In 2005 Tim Malcolm started to collect Colt Firearms. One of Tim’s favorite type of firearms was the special edition Colt’s some made by Lew Horton, Talo and even the American Historical Foundation.  He loved these guns for several reasons but mainly because they were solid investment pieces.  The one thing Tim always thought was that he could make them better.

“I was collecting many of the Talo .38 supers and those guns were going up so fast in value that it was hard to keep up.  A retail $1200.00 pistol could jump up to $7000.00 or more within a year or so.  The most sought after ones could even hit $10,000.00.  I started off collecting snake guns but once I accomplished all I needed to with that I got really into the Mexican themed .38 supers and started looking for those.”

In 2012 Tim became a Federal Firearms License holder and started dealing in rare and collectible firearms.  After the snake gun market became unstable around 2015 he decided that he wanted to embrace the inner artist that he had always felt inside of himself and he started designing guns under the name Malcolm Custom Firearms.

Now for 2018 and beyond we have rebranded our name to Gringo Custom Guns.

“the name comes from myself as I have traveled much of South and Central America over the years and I always end up being the only American wherever I am at.  I love to travel to Mexico, Colombia and Honduras to observe the culture.  In Mexico they have a large gun culture like Americans do but instead of using the .45acp they love the .38 super.  I was called “El Gringo” by so many strangers and even friends over the years that the nickname just stuck with me.”

Gringo Custom Guns is our newest venture in which we aim to provide top quality custom firearms.  Firearms are something that is passed down from father to son and always a way that many people express themselves.  We wanted to offer limited production guns that anytime someone sees one of our products it immediately becomes a conversation piece.  We pride ourselves on making museum quality firearms that not only can shoot but also can appreciate value over time. We do not call our products guns, we call them works of art!

Weather you want to buy one of our already customized handguns or if you have a special firearm that you want us to customize for you we can help you with all of your custom gun needs.  We specialize in 1911 style handguns in any caliber including .45acp, .38 super, 10mm, 9mm and more.  Our services include  24k gold plated, bright stainless polishing, rose gold, blue nitrate, custom triggers, custom hammers, custom porting, custom grips and more.

Our products have  very limited production number so that we can ensure that each firearm we make is rare and something that nobody else you know has one like it.